A famous challenge

FIFA vs PES is the most famous challenge in these years. Some people prefer FIFA, and others PES.
For this reason we want to do a deep review in order to be able to choose.
First of all the price is very similar: PC version is not so different compared to Play Station game.
Unfortunately EA made the same mistakes again. In my opinion there are too many scripted scenes, where you have barely no chance to get the ball or to avoid goals while playing against the CPU. Sometimes the ball control is not so easy and this is not so realistic.
Indeed Konami is ok, but after every couple of matches you can win easily by high score.
To sum up PES maybe is too easy for an expert player.
This is the same game as last years. In other words people realise they’re getting shafted by paying a lot of money for the same game year after year.
This is not fair: in 90’s children plaied with Sensible Soccer or Football John Barners and they were happy.
To the present day FIFA vs PES is a real battle because the world is divided. In fact my brother prefers FIFA, instead my sister prefers PES because he can manage classic teams.

Fifa 2018 VS PES 2018
Fifa 2018 VS PES 2018

Historical football players

There are a lot of historical football players! Actually the possibility to score with Van Basten (a.k.a. Von Bolsen) is incredible. My last team was amazing because my strikers were Cristiano Ronaldo, Platini and Graziano Pellè.
Secondly playing PES we noticed that there are old players. For example Malgani is Maradona, Palm is Pelè, Baquistata is Batistuta.
Moreover we don’t know why Malgani has black skin and he is not resistant to injuries.
Furthermore stats analysis is an important point of view. In conclusion, the visualizations are really appealing. It would be super cool to look at features which actually determine the rating of a player in different positions.