Fifa 18

Fifa 18 for xBox

FIFA 18 is legend

FIFA 18 is legend and everybody play this amazing football game. We have the possibility to become Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi in 1 second.
Dribbling, cross, shoot, offsides, penalty and free kicks: this is very realistic using FIFA 18.
Initially FIFA games were not very lifelike. Indeed playing FIFA 98 Road to World Cup some players were too strong compared with the others.
For example George Weah was able to score with fantastic shoots.
At any rate touches feel a little softer in FIFA 18, which means even if standard passing still lacks crispness, maintaining possession is probably too easy.
We remember the important driven-through pass, that can satisfy all players. At the moment, players are much better equipped to receive it than in past years.
Furthermore if you want buy a stronger midfielder you can do it. Do you want a wall in your defense? If yes, please buy Thiago Silva because he is very fast in FIFA 18.
In the meantime, I bought Robben but he was always injured because he received strong tackles from behind.


A new graphic engine

FIFA 18 has a new graphic engine and it is very beautiful and EA has improved the diversity of atmospheres you can experience in the game. For example there are changing in the lighting.
For this reason you can check the menus, in order to modify what you dislike. In my opinion this edition contains the better-looking character models than ever, and the most addictive FUT pack-opening animation yet, and FIFA is a supremely pretty package.

Fifa 18 for xBox
Fifa 18 for xBox

In conclusion, FIFA 18 is a significantly better football game than its predecessor. (i.e. FIFA 17), but despite the engine overhaul it was still beholden to some of FIFA’s more long-standing issues. In the meantime, animations taking too long to unfold and probably delaying your move. This is a bug that we will want to study in deep.