Consoles vs PC gaming

PC VS Consoles, which is better?

Consoles or PC?

Last week I received an email in which a friend ask me to write about Consoles vs PC gaming.
I am very happy to solve this big issue because it is quite complicated.
First of I want share a short background: as video game consoles came into their own during the late 70s and early 80s, hardware was basically dominated by a single superpower at a time.
Afterwards, during 80s and 90s also PC became an alternative for everybody love video games.
Due to different manufacturers releasing consoles at different times, the wars described above are not exact definitions and do not necessarily have firm beginning and ending dates.
For this reason is is reasonable to say that there is an ancient rivalry Consoles vs PC gaming.
Certainly they are two different industries in which the games defined the brands. This means that the focus is the video game and the possibility to play online with people from all over the world.



Ultimately, the question of which console was better was down to personal taste. Indeed the Nintendo 64 didn’t have as many frequent releases as the PlayStation.
At the moment the sales data of that generation are common knowledge. The Wii advanced beyond its position as the plucky underdog and went on to insert itself into homes worldwide, with Nintendo pushing the most hardware sales.
To be honest PC games are probably better but there is a problem. In fact PCs need to be updated frequently and this is quite expensive.
Anyway who have a deep pocket can certainly choose a PC to play online and have a better graphics.
In addition please consider that with Consoles you can’t do a lot of things.
Finally, on the other side, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo can guarantee a realistic experience, in particular for sport games.

PC VS Consoles, which is better?
PC VS Consoles, which is better?