How to choose the right Console?

PS4 vs xBox One

A difficult choice

Choose the right console is very difficult because there are a lot of video games.
Sometimes we are confusing by anyone’s standards, so the best bet is to know what you need before you head into the store.
Despite it could be a difficult choise, we want to help you in order to avoid mistakes.
First of all please consider the budget considering that PlayStation prices were USD 230 in 2013, up to USD 400 for PlayStation4 Pro.
Certainly the softwares are different, indeed PlayStation 4 Pro offers 4K video streaming and enhanced graphics on supported titles. For this reason game developers will have the option to offer higher quality graphics.


Many bugs resolved

Anyway Consoles can had bugs in the previous years. This was true for the PS3 and the xbox one, but not the ps4. In fact PlayStation4 is great and the graphics chip is very good.
As you can see, choose the right Console is not easy. In our opinion the most important point are the video games.
Both PS4 and Xbox One play many of this generation’s best titles, from third-party blockbusters to beloved indies.
In this respect, both systems play tons of great games, but in our opinion Sony’s system has more hit games that you can only play on a Console.
I remember when I was very young and I played with PS1 and I played with a lot of games.
At any rate if you want the latest and the greatest hardware, Nintendo’s got you covered. If you want the widest selection of titles and VR you can play today, Sony’s the way to go.
Indeed if you prefer multi-player games probably PS4 is the best solution.
Whatever your choice enjoy your Console and share it with your friends because this is the real secret to have fantastic moments together.

PS4 vs xBox One
PS4 vs xBox One


What is your choice? Contact me and let me know 🙂