Searching for a single escort?

Searching for a single escort

Are you interested to know how to meet a single escort around you? It cannot be a difficult task for the boy like you to get them. They are around you so don’t worry about this. You only need is to go through this once. If you are not limited only to your location it is much easy to find sexy women. Some of you may like to meet some kind of escort and all have different choices. I mean that some of you might […] Read More

3 Ways to Build Attraction to Women

Build Attraction to Women

3 Ways to Build Attraction to Women – How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You? You Need to Build Attraction First. When you want to make a woman fall in love, I can safely say that most guys are going to do the wrong things. They are going to focus on the wrong techniques to make a woman fall in love, and they are not going to get the results that they are really after. If you want to be able to […] Read More

Consoles vs PC gaming

PC VS Consoles, which is better?

Consoles or PC? Last week I received an email in which a friend ask me to write about Consoles vs PC gaming. I am very happy to solve this big issue because it is quite complicated. First of I want share a short background: as video game consoles came into their own during the late 70s and early 80s, hardware was basically dominated by a single superpower at a time. Afterwards, during 80s and 90s also PC became an alternative for everybody love video games. […] Read More

How to choose the right Console?

PS4 vs xBox One

A difficult choice Choose the right console is very difficult because there are a lot of video games. Sometimes we are confusing by anyone’s standards, so the best bet is to know what you need before you head into the store. Despite it could be a difficult choise, we want to help you in order to avoid mistakes. First of all please consider the budget considering that PlayStation prices were USD 230 in 2013, up to USD 400 for PlayStation4 Pro. Certainly the softwares are […] Read More


A famous challenge FIFA vs PES is the most famous challenge in these years. Some people prefer FIFA, and others PES. For this reason we want to do a deep review in order to be able to choose. First of all the price is very similar: PC version is not so different compared to Play Station game. Unfortunately EA made the same mistakes again. In my opinion there are too many scripted scenes, where you have barely no chance to get the ball or to […] Read More

Fifa 18

Fifa 18 for xBox

FIFA 18 is legend FIFA 18 is legend and everybody play this amazing football game. We have the possibility to become Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi in 1 second. Dribbling, cross, shoot, offsides, penalty and free kicks: this is very realistic using FIFA 18. Initially FIFA games were not very lifelike. Indeed playing FIFA 98 Road to World Cup some players were too strong compared with the others. For example George Weah was able to score with fantastic shoots. At any rate touches feel a little […] Read More